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Adagio Health & the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Adagio Health & the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Online Live Classes to Quit Nicotine

To register call 1-800-215-7494 

Quit smoking from your phone or computer with trained Adagio Health nicotine cessation counselors. Adagio Health can provide online support classes and assist clients with signing up to receive free nicotine replacement therapy to aid them through their quit journey. 

Adagio Health uses the Smoke Free for Life curriculum from Breathe PA, which is a balanced evidence-based program that uses best practices to address all aspects of tobacco use and cessation.

The eight session program utilizes a group approach, but focuses on the individual needs of each smoker. 
Sessions will be held twice per week. The first session of the week will be one hour in length and the second session of the week will be a check-in with the clients.


Session 1- Get ready to quit
Session 2- Understanding the habit and the addiction
Session 3- Make your quit plan
Session 4- Plan your quit day
Session 5- Review your first 48 hours
Session 6- Renovate for a new you
Session 7- Stay quit
Session 8- One-month follow-up



  • Smoke Free for Life is based on Best Practices established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  • Smoke Free for Life provides participants with the tools that they feel will help them to be successful, including a realistic maintenance plan, information about smokeless tobacco, and nicotine replacement therapy

  • Adagio Health facilitators are knowledgeable on all aspects of tobacco and nicotine use

  • An appropriate cessation aid is suggested by the facilitator, instead of making a random selection, which is often the case when quitting without informed advice

  • Participants develop a quit plan, rather than decide to quit on a whim

  • Virtual live classes offer ease in attendance

  • Universality helps tobacco users see that what they are going through is common among group members, and that they are not alone in their struggles and challenges

  • The group becomes unified because the members have a common goal

  • Making a commitment to quit, and announcing it to others, helps to reinforce the participants’ decision

  • Healthy competition in a group can be a powerful motivator

  • Follow-up support is unlimited

    For additional support signing up or registering call Adagio Health at 1-800-215-7494 

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PA QuitLogixQuitting tobacco is a process. Whether you are thinking about quitting, are not yet ready to quit, or have already quit, PA Free Quitline can help you with each step of the way.